Journalism schism.

15 03 2011


Journalism is on life support and soon to be deceased. Soon to be dead, at least, at the University of Colorado/Boulder where I got my journalism degree. CU apparently will close its School of Journalism in 2013 or so, just in time for my 30th reunion.  It’s not surprising. Journalism, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio in their current forms may all be dinosaurs. 

Report: Internet usage transforming news industry

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS March 14, 2011, 12:03AM ET

NEW YORK – A new report says the rapid growth of smartphones and electronic tablets is making the Internet the destination of choice for consumers looking for news.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism said Monday that local, network and cable television news, newspapers, radio and magazines all lost audience in 2010. But in its eight annual State of the News Media survey, the project says news consumption online increased 17 percent last year over the year before.

The percentage of people who say they get news online at least three times a week surpassed newspapers for the first time. Project director Tom Rosenstiel says only local TV news was a more popular news platform.

The report says the percentage of people who say they got most of their national and international news on the Internet in December was more than double what it was the year before. – AP March 14, 2011, 12:03AM ET

Who needs to educate journalists when there are fewer and fewer jobs that require reporting expertise and objectivity. More people get their news on the internet. The internet is ruled by Facebook and Twitter where anyone and everyone is a journalist, some with more of a following than a lot of the remaining frail daily newspapers.


Consider two newsmakers, Tim DeChristopher and Charlie Sheen, both of whom I covered recently as a photojournalist.

Tim DeChristopher was appearing in court, federal court, in Salt Lake City the first week of March to face felony charges for civil disobedience . Even though I had no formal assignment I decided to cover DeChristopher because I felt his trial was an important national story that was being largely overlooked. I was able to provide images for High Country News and DeChristopher faces up to ten years in federal prison and will be sentenced June 23.

DeChristopher is a hero to the environmentalists and has 1,440 followers on Twitter interested in his attempts to draw attention to environmental destruction.


Charlie Sheen was in Aspen, in court February, 2010 to face charges of domestic violence against his wife at the time Brooke Mueller. I was working for Mavrix, a photo agency in New York.

Sheen was sentenced to 30 days in in Pitkin County jail where they have been known to serve crab for dinner.

Sheen, star of the biggest hit show on TV “Two and a Half Men” (like you didn’t know that) started a Twitter account this month and, at one point, was adding 2,500 people a minute as followers.

Charlie Sheen is a hero to TV viewers everywhere. As of 15 March 2011 Sheen had 2.8 million followers on Twitter interested in his self-destruction.




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