A picture in search of a thousand words.™

17 03 2011

I asked creative people from all walks of life to let loose their thoughts about this image. Here’s what they saw and said.


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  attributed to Yogi Berra – Allene Remington

“A road sign questions the meaning of it all. Y indeed.” – E P Kosmicki

“Why not?” – Jeri Lyn Fowles

“Warning:  Anti-Christ Ahead. Use Caution.” – Steve Kosmicki


Peace! – Lois Remington


“Y out West”  – Suzie Romig


I thought immediately of a preschool rebellion. The sign to me meant y=yellow NOT the fork in the road. It merely is an instructional sign, a la sesame street, that tells you y is for yellow. Perhaps around the corner, you would find a B on a blue sign… an R on a red sign… you get the idea. – Mary Noone


Road open to males only: Females must take the alternate X route. – Nancy Lofholm


I think it would be a great image even without the sign, but that adds whole extra level of meaning. I’m not sure I would have picked up on the Y = “why” concept without seeing your title, but it’s clever. It ties in well with the image of the road and the concept life as journey and it’s purpose. – Dave Evenson


There are always forks in the road of life… but, somewhere, in the shadows, there is an arrow that has already told you which way you are going (look to the base of the sign, at the shadow to see the arrow.) – Sallie Dean Shatz

On the road less travelled, does it really matter which fork you take? – Beth Zukowski

“Y is the question mark missing?”
The succinct metaphysical-philosophical caption could be simply:
The in-this-world activist caption could be:
and so it goes….

J Rolf Kjolseth

Y destroy this with gas drilling? or

If you have to ask, you’ll never understand. or

Existentialist crossing ahead.   – Chad Filipiski

“Decisions … decisions.”  – Pam Szédelyi

Caution, approaching Brigham Young University – Dale Sheld




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