Why I like Canon Point and Shoot Cameras

17 01 2012

People often ask me what point and shoot camera they should buy.

There are too many point and shoot cameras for me to keep track of so I cut to the chase and tell them what I shoot and leave it at that. I don’t pretend to know all the brands. That would be a full-time job.

I like Canon point and shoot cameras. I’ve had good luck with them and so I stay with Canon cameras. I am sure there are great cameras from almost every manufacturer but I stick with Canon.

I have three Canon point and shoot cameras. Why so many? Because each is specifically good for the task at hand. I own a G11, a D10 and an S95. They are all Made in Japan.  Some Canon cameras are made in China but I avoid them.

If I had to pick one Canon point and shoot it would be the G11. I use it every day. It is a perfect complement to my big, heavy Nikon DSLRs. It is lighter but still substantial feeling in my hands. It focuses closer than an SLR. I like the pivoting LCD screen. It has a viewfinder I can use in bright sunlight. I can easily use it on one of its auto settings (I prefer to set the aperture in the A mode most of the time) or just as easily switch to full manual. Most of the most used controls are readily at hand with dials or buttons. I don’t have to go through a menu to change my settings. It shoots in RAW. There are many other things the G11 will do better than smaller point and shoots but I won’t go into those details.


Canon G11 macro

The Canon D10 is an amazing little camera around water. It’s just average when it’s not being used in bad weather or underwater. So I use it when I am in a pool or in really bad weather.


Chris underwater D10 portrait

The S95 is the latest camera I bought. Amazon.com had a great deal on it before Christmas so, even though I could have lived without it, I bought one because it was cheap, real cheap. I read all the reviews (David Pogue @ The New York Times and Ken Rockwell to name a few) and they raved about this tiny powerful camera. I bought it mostly because of the 28mm f2 lens. I like to shoot available light when possible. I take this camera out when it’s nighttime or when I want unobtrusive. This camera excels at being unobtrusive because of its diminutive size and that f2 lens that never needs a flash.


Canon S95 28mm @ f2 Belalgio fountain Las Vegas

None of these cameras replace my pro-line Nikons for assignment work, but not many pictures get away from me any more because I always have one of the Canon cameras with me.

Which camera should you buy? You might need to buy more than one, like me.